This was a great experience from beginning to end. Traveling and booked online. Email confirmed. The space is beautiful and relaxing. Deb is fantastic at making sure you will have a satisfying experience. Great massage, great atmosphere, great price.
— Beth O.


Pure Zen Relaxation Massage

60 Minutes 60$ 90 Minutes 85$

If your goal is simply to simply relax and unwind and indulge yourself in a little quiet "you time" then this kind of massage is perfect for you. Our Relaxation massage uses light to moderate pressure and is great for relieving overall physical and mental stress, general light muscle aches and inducing a state of deep peace. Please note that if you plan to book a Relaxation Massage but want "firm, heavy or deep" pressure or need therapeutic type of work for muscle knots pain and spasm, you should book our Deep Pressure/Therapeutic Massage.

Deep Pressure Bodywork Massage

60 minutes 60$ / 90 Minutes 85$

Choose our Deep Pressure Bodywork Massage if you usually enjoy a deep tissue type of massage with deeper pressure and would like focused work on specific areas of muscle tension, pain or spasm. Our Deep Pressure massage combines traditional European massage techniques with deep pressure and muscle lengthening and joint-opening stretches as needed. 


60 minutes 60$ / 90 minutes 85$

Thai massage is an Eastern massage technique given on a comfortable padded floor mat and which uses pressure along your Sen, or muscle energy lines, and incorporates lots of stretching. Thai massage has a great calming effect on your entire body and mind and is great for relieving tightness and tension in your muscles, joints and relaxing the mind!

IMPORTANT: Please note that you need to wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing for Thai massage. Please do not wear jeans, work clothes or other garments that will restrict your freedom of movement or that zip or button at the waist.

Visit this page to learn a little more about Thai massage.

In Office Chair Massage

30 minutes 35$

If you are looking for a quick massage to address mainly your shoulders, neck and back, then a 30 minute chair massage might be just perfect for you. Chair massage is great to fit into your day during your lunch hour or any other time you need to quickly address upper body muscle tension. No need to undress and no oil is used. Chair massage is surprisingly relaxing and our chair is super comfortable! Give it a try and see!


You can print our intake form if you'd like by clicking the link below. Fill out at home and bring with you to your first appointment. 

Our policy is to not give massage to women who are less than 14 weeks pregnant. If you are 15 weeks or more pregnant then you and/or your doctor may fill out the pregnancy waiver below before receiving your massage.