"Wow! Best professional massage I have ever had. Her office is amazing, calming and super-comfortable . . ." D.S.


Zen Relaxation Massage

60 minutes 60$ / 90 minutes 90$

If your goal is to mainly relax and unwind then our Relaxation massage is perfect for you. We can adjust the pressure of a Relaxation massage to suit your preference. A Relaxation massage is great for relieving overall physical and mental stress and light muscle aches, while also inducing a state of deep peace and tranquility.

Lomi Body Bliss Massage

60 minutes 60$ / 90 minutes 90$

Based on the Hawaiin massage known as Lomi Lomi, the massage strokes are fluid, long and glide across the entire body which creates a feeling of deep relaxation. The pressure usually ranges between moderate and gentle. 

Note that minimal draping is used during a Lomi massage. For an idea of what Lomi massage is like, check out this video.


Deep Muscle Therapy Massage

60 minutes 60$ / 90 minutes 90$

Choose our Deep Tissue Massage if you usually like heavy or deep pressure and your main goal is to work on areas of significant muscle tension, pain or spasm. Our Deep Body massage is effective for really working out more significant muscle tension, and combined with our style of massage, also very calming and relaxing for the body and mind.

Nurturing Pregnancy Massage

60 minutes 60$ / 90 minutes 90$

Massage during pregnancy can be a very relaxing way of nurturing your body during this wonderful time! Massage can help to relieve stress, back and leg aches that can sometimes accompany pregnancy. 

Please note: You must be at least 12 weeks pregnant before having a massage with us.


You may print and fill out our client intake form in advance or fill out at our office.

We do not offer couples massage

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