What can you expect at your massage?


Your first visit

When you arrive you will need to complete a brief intake form (find the link under the "Misc." tab. If you are 14 or weeks more pregnant you will need to fill out our pregnancy waiver form (also under the "Misc." tab). If you'd like, you may print and fill it either form at home and bring it with you. We will also spend just a few minutes talking with you about your needs and massage goals for the day.

What should you "do" during your massage?

Some people aren't sure what their responsibility is during a massage. In a nutshell...it's to relax and generally do nothing! In fact it will make your massage more enjoyable and your muscles looser and more receptive to massage if you don't try and "help" by lifting and/or holding your head, arms etc. up. This can be difficult for some to "surrender" to the process, but we strongly believe you will enjoy your massage much more and release more physical and/or mental stress if you are able to just relax and let us do all the work! 


We play a variety of relaxing music, but if you have something you'd like to listen to during your massage feel free to request it or bring your ipod and we will be happy to play that for you during your session!




What To Wear/or Not To Wear

If you are having a Thai massage

Because you keep your clothes on during Thai massage be sure you wear something loose, stretchy and comfortable and lightweight. Jeans, tight pants, very short shorts and very thick clothing (like some sweatpants or sweatshirts) are not ideal for Thai massage as they may significantly interfere with you flexibility or our ability to work. For more information on Thai massage read this.

If you are having a regular Relaxation or Deep Pressure Massage

You may remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. Some people undress fully, some keep their underwear on. It's up to you (though we recommend removing bras as they will be in the way and get oily).

We only uncover the area of your body we are massaging at any time and keep the rest of your body covered to maintain your privacy.

We will not (and can not legally) give massage using no draping or linens at all.